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NFT Games are the FUTURE of the gaming industry!

Are NFT Games the Future of the Gaming Industry?

In this video I explain why NFT games are the future of the gaming industry and how it could change everything, making you able to make money while you enjoy your favorite Nothing in the video is financial…

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Rockstar Games CEO Finally Answers When GTA 6 Will Be Announced!

Rockstar Games CEO Finally Answers When GTA 6 Will Be Announced!

Grand Theft Auto is a video game created by David Jones and Mike Dailly; the first in the GTA (Grand Theft Auto) This game is often credited with single-handedly sparking the creation of an “adult only” rating in…

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Battlefield Game

Nintendo Vows to Fix Online, Sony Allows Players to Kick Each Other, NFTs Are EA’s Future?

Nintendo Vows to Fix Online, Sony Allows Players to Kick Each Other, NFTs Are EAs On today’s episode of the News You Missed we discuss Nintendo’s promise to fix Online, Diamond and Pearl Leaks, Pokémon Unite User Choice…

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Syndicate Screen Shot

Syndicate: Everything We Know About the Upcoming AAA FPS Crypto Game

Hustlepedia is back today with another crypto gaming video and todays is pretty juicy, we are digging into everything we know today about the upcoming crypto game hinted at on twitter this week, that fueled a ton of questions…

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Nike's Stock Chart

Nike Files For ‘Virtual Goods’ Trademarks To Brand NFTs, Video Games

You’ll soon be able to wear your favorite pair of Nike shoes – in your favorite video This is not the brand’s first foray into the virtual In May 2019, the Jordan brand partnered with Fortnite, where…

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Netflix Video Game News

Netflix’s Gaming Service Now Available in the US

Netflix announced today that it has expanded its gaming service to over 190 countries, including the United States and However, the gaming feature still requires subscribers to own either an Android smartphone or tablet to Netflix Games…

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Play to Earn

A Cancer is Growing in Gaming – “Play to Earn”

Ubisoft (during their Quarterly earnings call) gave us an inside look at exactly what strategies they intend to pursue in the coming weeks, months and One of those strategies, is “play to A ruthless, predatory model of…

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November 2021 New Games

Top 10 NEW Games of November 2021

There are a lot of new games coming out in November 2021 for PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S/One, and Nintendo Here are all of the games and release dates that you will want to be aware Jurassic…

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New Games

14 NEW PS5 And Xbox Series X Games Rumored To Be In Development

Because of the nature of the industry, rumors and leaks will always be plentiful, and while many of them will be easily dismissed, some will catch on and generate a lot of There are plenty of rumors circulating right…

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Mass Effect 3

Top 10 Most Controversial Scenes In Video Games

Every creative art form may generate debate, and these video game sequences did not disappoint. We’re looking at sequences and moments in video games that produced a lot of controversy; this isn’t to say that these games are bad; it just means that they received some negative attention, whether justified or not. Our countdown includes […]

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