Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3

Fortnite Season 3: Jungle Biomes & Optimus Prime Skin

The world of Fortnite is about to undergo another exciting transformation with the upcoming release of Chapter 4 Season 3. As fans eagerly await the unveiling of new features and additions to the popular online game, Epic Games has teased players with a glimpse of what’s to come. With a release date set for June […]

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NES Zapper Controller

NES Zapper Used In Attempted Robbery

A man was arrested for attempting to rob a business using a spray-painted NES Zapper controller as a weapon.

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Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic Creator Yuji Naka Sentenced To Prison For Insider Trading

The charges against Naka stem from his purchase of shares in two studios while he was working on the development of Balan Wonderworld.

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SeroXen Malware

Beware Gamers: SeroXen Malware Targets You

The gaming industry has become a lucrative target for cybercriminals, with gamers being warned about a new and dangerous strain of malware called SeroXen.

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Fortnite Starfire

Starfire Bolts into Fortnite

Starfire, one of the Teen Titans, is the latest DC Comics character to make her way into Starfire brings with her a new set of superpowers that players can use to take on their Her abilities include flight,…

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Video Game Design Bootcamp

Is A Game Design Bootcamp Right For You?

With the popularity of video games increasing every year, more and more people are considering a career in game If you’re thinking about entering this exciting field, you may be wondering if a game design bootcamp is right for…

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Activision Blizzard Scandal, Explained

Sexual Harassment In The Video Game Industry

Sexual harassment in the video game industry is a hot topic in the video game It has recently been in the news due to the case of Zoe Quinn, an independent game developer who was accused of trading…

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Treyarch On Call of Duty Zombies Chronicles 2

The fabled DLC Expansion for  is addressed by Treyarch, and fresh leaks shed insight on the package’s present condition! According to a rumor from August, the Zombies Chronicles 2 Expansion was in the works, almost completed, and simply waiting for…

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Aftermath - Official Announcement Trailer

A First Look At The Aftermath Official Announcement Trailer

Aftermath, a narrative-driven psychological thriller in which you, as former European astronaut Charlie Gray, must struggle through the wreckage of civilization in quest of your daughter, gets its first cinematic look in this official

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The State of PlayStation Studios

PlayStation’s First Party Studios 2021

As the PlayStation 5’s first year draws to a conclusion, PlayStation Studios has been Throughout 2021, Sony’s global development teams continued to produce critically praised successes, revitalize existing games, and grow via a slew of acquisitions and first-party…

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