Treyarch On Call of Duty Zombies Chronicles 2

The fabled DLC Expansion for  is addressed by Treyarch, and fresh leaks shed insight on the package’s present condition! According to a rumor from August, the Zombies Chronicles 2 Expansion was in the works, almost completed, and simply waiting for…

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Aftermath - Official Announcement Trailer

A First Look At The Aftermath Official Announcement Trailer

Aftermath, a narrative-driven psychological thriller in which you, as former European astronaut Charlie Gray, must struggle through the wreckage of civilization in quest of your daughter, gets its first cinematic look in this official

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The State of PlayStation Studios

PlayStation’s First Party Studios 2021

As the PlayStation 5’s first year draws to a conclusion, PlayStation Studios has been Throughout 2021, Sony’s global development teams continued to produce critically praised successes, revitalize existing games, and grow via a slew of acquisitions and first-party…

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9 Video Games That Reward You For Watching The Credits

Surprise Endings After The Credits Roll

  Do you ever watch the credits roll at the end of a game? Neither do most But there are some games that reward you for watching the Watch for the after-credits surprises in Hitman Blood Money…

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7 Things You (Probably) Didn't Know About Resident Evil

Resident Evil: 7 Things You Probably Don’t Know

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the legendary survival horror franchise Resident While the series has had its ups and downs in the past, Resident Evil is obviously rising in popularity with the upcoming Resident Evil Village,…

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How PlayStation 5 Was Built (feat. Mark Cerny) | WIRED

Lead System Architect Mark Cerny on How PlayStation 5 Was Built

Mark Cerny, the chief system architect for the PlayStation 5, discusses what they built and how they built He has worked as a game developer in the From Marvel Madness in the arcades to Crash Bandicoot on…

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Rockstar Games CEO Finally Answers When GTA 6 Will Be Announced!

Rockstar Games CEO Finally Answers When GTA 6 Will Be Announced!

Grand Theft Auto is a video game created by David Jones and Mike Dailly; the first in the GTA (Grand Theft Auto) This game is often credited with single-handedly sparking the creation of an “adult only” rating in…

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Battlefield Game

Nintendo Vows to Fix Online, Sony Allows Players to Kick Each Other, NFTs Are EA’s Future?

Nintendo Vows to Fix Online, Sony Allows Players to Kick Each Other, NFTs Are EAs On today’s episode of the News You Missed we discuss Nintendo’s promise to fix Online, Diamond and Pearl Leaks, Pokémon Unite User Choice…

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Syndicate Screen Shot

Syndicate: Everything We Know About the Upcoming AAA FPS Crypto Game

Hustlepedia is back today with another crypto gaming video and todays is pretty juicy, we are digging into everything we know today about the upcoming crypto game hinted at on twitter this week, that fueled a ton of questions…

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Netflix Video Game News

Netflix’s Gaming Service Now Available in the US

Netflix announced today that it has expanded its gaming service to over 190 countries, including the United States and However, the gaming feature still requires subscribers to own either an Android smartphone or tablet to Netflix Games…

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